A lot of kids would love to play with their toy cars and they want to buy more of the different kinds like bus, trucks, toy train and many more. It could be expensive and sometimes it would have a different price range when it comes to the brand and the types of the design and the name of stores. Even if you buy a new one, an old type, an expensive brand for the toy car or the cheapest price; they have the same purpose and use. You can’t call a towing car services near me because they only cater the real vehicles only and not the toy car as they don’t have the same engine parts.

Others would think of making their own toy car as an experiment or some because they love making things and invent stuff out of different resources that they have. It could be a fun activity that you can do with your kids especially those boys as a quality time together and teach them the right way of doing it. If you have all the equipment and the good materials, then everything would be easy for you to make one and create something that your kids would be proud of. Aside from those mentioned things, we can teach you some of the basic things in making a great kind of toy car and the hacks about it.

Don’t you know that you can actually make a toy car by using a plastic bottle only and it would be a great way for saving the environment or nature. All you have to do is to find a good quality of plastic bottle in the trash or after you have consumed the water or soda from the bottle. You can soak the bottle in a lukewarm water to soften the bottle’s stickers and labels and it would be easy to remove them after a couple of minutes. Another reason why you need to do this is to remove those microorganisms and bacteria that is in the plastic bottle that you are going to use for your toy.

When everything seems to be ready, then you need to get a knife that you can use to slice the bottle and making holes in it. You have to use a sharp object like scissors or knife to make two holes now on the side of the both and make sure they have the same level. For the axe part of your toy car, then you may use a plastic straw to be inserted or any types of sticks’ as long as it can put inside and cut. A car would not be completed without the wheels of it and by this you would need to collect 4 pieces of soda caps or bottle caps.

You can now paint the body of the plastic bottled toy car with the color that you want. Connect the wheels or the plastic caps and then you can design it with the thigs that you like.